SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
What is SEO and why does it matter?
SEO is a strategy used to bring in visitors to your website through high ranking search pages on major search engines such as Google. Organic rankings, or unpaid rankings, are a gift that keeps on giving. When done well, web pages, blog posts, and websites can rank high in the search engines bringnig in unpaid traffic every day. Seven out of eight clicks are not on paid results. They are on the organic results. 
In this unit, we will dive into on-page SEO and the off-page content that drives high rankings on the search engines. You will learn how to create and optimize content that creates a quality user experience that will then be rewarded by the search engines. 
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You can't create a good blog overnight. Popular blogs take months or even years to grow, which means you have plenty of time to learn how to get blogging right. Unfortunately, you may find that your blog doesn't gain popularity if you make common newbie blogger mistakes. While you're probably very excited about launching your new Internet site, it's important to avoid these costly mistakes.
In this unit, you will learn:
- How to Choose a Blogging Topic
- The Length of a Good Blog Post
- How to Write a Blog Post or Hire Someone to Write One for You
- Utilizing Keywords in Your Blog
- Blasting Your Blog
- Branding and Images
- and More
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People do business with people they know, or think they know. Video makes people think they know us. They can see how we move, hear our voice, see our style and personality - all in a video. When done properly, video can be a very powerful tool to reach the audience with YOUR message, and drive them to YOUR product. We are in a very visual world and we have to feed into that world to get the desired results for which we are looking.
In this unit you will learn:
- How to Be Comfortable On Video
- Video Optimization
- Hosting
- Videos and Social Media
- Video Responsiveness
- and More
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Social Media
Social Media: the holy grail of customer engagement, viral marketing, word of mouth referrals and free traffic. The online land of opportunity that will have customers breaking down your door. All you have to do is send some friend requests, post some cat videos and sprinkle in some witty status updates, right? Wrong! If it were that easy, we'd all be sitting pretty and drinking out of coconuts on a beach somewhere.
Just like any other online marketing strategy, success on social media takes work, but it's not hard. Social media is chock full of opportunities for small businesses. The problem is that most small business owners don't know how to take advantage of them, so they fall into the bad habits of ignoring social media altogether or haphazardly managing their accounts only to get nowhere fast.
The small businesses that get it right and make social media work for them use a distinct strategy that combines their knowledge of their customers with creativity, regular communication, engagment and time. That is what you will learn and implement in this unit.
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Lead Generation
Once upon a time, when a buyer would see our yard sign in front of a property, they would stop, grab a flyer maybe, and often call. They were excited to learn more information about that property. Now? Not so much. With technology, data has become readily available. Consumers want instant, non pressure information. Most would rather whip out their cell phone and perform a quick Google search finding everything they need to know about that address. 
The ultimate goal is to get YOUR website to rank at the top of page one of the search engines when someone searches online for that address. It's been proven again and again by Ballen Academy Students that it can be done without too much difficulty. In this unit, you will gain the knowledge to get ranking on search engines.
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Lori was not born a natural "tracker". Over time, she has learned how to test and measure her marketing to get best results. In using her amazing tracking tools like Clicky, Lori has discovered the Magic in the numbers.
In this unit, Lori wil show you how to use this tool to track visitors, source of leads, user interaction, which content is performing best and how you can maximize this, plaforms of users, location of users, and how to measure the user experience.
Sthe will even show you how to spy on the visitor so you can watch and learn from their path.
Get More Business by Converting More Traffic! If you are doing any kind of internet marketing at all, even social media, you'll benefit from this unit.
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A Message From The Creator
"Do you have any idea how vulnerable it makes one to POUR their life's work out onto paper and video? I hope you guys know, whoever buys The Ballen Method Curriculum or takes a class, that my blood, sweat, and tears are there for you. I have given you everything I know how to give you in these units. It feels so weird to see my thoughts and strategies on paper. These aren't just lesosns, they are magic for those that choose to be disciplined enough to make them work. I can't wait to hear the success stories. I can't wait. "
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